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January - Bliss or Blues?

As we move into a brand New Year of 2021, I wonder how it is all going to unfold as the winds of the North escalate and temperatures fluctuate from mild to severe. Mother Earth is quiet and the sun has left us temporarily as the bareness of the land stand solemn against bleak canvases of colourless grey and muted skies. The long, cold and dark days are ahead of us with seemingly no end in site. And, although this is the time to hibernate, regenerate and to renew, COVID is still lurking somewhere in the background and in our immediate foreground with many unanswered questions to our future. How do you feel as we move into this month of reflection and another lock-down?

In all of winter's bareness and these unprecedented times of worldly challenges, trials and tribulations, I find myself embracing the stillness while deepening my practice in yoga, meditation and breath-work and ridding myself from the over-indulgences of the holiday season. Thereby, allowing deeper examination and observation of what needs to shape-shift and change and creating space for those changes. For most of us, this is a time of shedding bad habits, negative feelings and opening ourselves to unlimited possibilities. As I dive in a bevy of 'online' courses, I realize my immediate thirst for more knowledge and this is not surprising. I visualize adapting to a 'new' world amidst the dark grey skies and sigh quietly as the earth gains more light and the days begin to grow longer.

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