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Hello October!!!

Updated: Jun 5

The month of October is a glorious month for many reasons, but primarily for its' array of stunning colours, cooler evenings and the excitement of new energies as we transition into the colder months. Autumn is the season when the duration of daylight becomes noticeably shorter and the temperature cools considerably and perhaps, awaken us into becoming more 'grounded'. Grounding suggests reconnecting with yourself and home. It suggests rituals each morning to start your day like meditating, journaling, lighting a candle or reading before the day begins. It suggests connecting with loved ones on a personal level to know how they are doing. It suggests focusing on getting ourselves ready for the colder months and making sure we are prepared.

Try to envision grounding yourself into Mother Earth and becoming one with her heartbeat, her openness to the change of seasons and the cycles of life. A moment of stillness before the Earth shifts direction by turning inward and allowing our past and future to emerge into the present.

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