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Fall Reflection

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year. I love the Fall season and the way the light shines quietly on the leaves, the subtle changes that surround us as the sun's rays become softer, lighter. Once the leaves begin to change their colour, the air becomes crisp as cooler breezes form a gentle nudge that winter is coming. Summer has departed and a new season is here. Mother Nature speaks a dialect we all comprehend. Her signals seem to be saying, ‘begin to go inward, there are riches to be found’ as we ponder about life and death - the changes of the seasons and the future.

Making time to reflect helps us live more intentionally. Developing a practice where stillness is the theme, will allow you to find that 'inner voice' where there is no mental chatter and where the stillness connects you to something greater. It also helps you understand your journey and direction.

Reflection gives you the opportunity to listen to your inner voice. The voice that knows what you really want to manifest and create. The question is: Do you take time out of your life to reflect?

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