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Awakening Into June

As April showers subside and the blossoming of May passes, we enter into a new month of renewed hope, lightness of being and warmth. All of a sudden, the world seems brighter as the birthing of June draws us closer to Summer Solstice and the year-round yearning for sunlight, fresh air and nature become bountiful. And yet, amidst this beauty and splendour, is great chaos and uncertainty that has permeated our very core of existence and confronted our lives in ways that we never anticipated.

As the world moves into more intensive lock-downs in some parts of our countries, while opening up in other areas, confusion is real, while news reports of growing waves of infections continue, controversy mounts to uncertainties which lie ahead regarding the roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines. Our forecast for summer seems somewhat gloomy as every day we are constantly bombarded with negative content stemming from crime, terrorism, world disasters, corruption, inequalities and oppression.

What can we do to change these circumstances? How can we find balance, calmness and peace in a world of chaos? These are questions that have most likely permeated the minds of many and I recognize that finding peace, joy and balance is a quest for most of us. In life, I have learned that peace comes from within - it is not something you can purchase, buy or own. Finding time to be still, to be silent and to reflect, takes time and patience. But it is through practicing Mindfulness and Meditation, that results are achieved. There are many different ways to meditate, but investing a few minutes of your time in daily meditation will become a personal discipline providing clarity, expanded awareness, grounding and inner peace. 🙏

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