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What Will The New Year of 2020 Bring For You?

Happy New Year Everyone! And welcome to my new Blog, something I have longed to do forever in addition to creating my very own yoga and healing website. It has been a labour of love, no doubt, these past several weeks and continues to be a working progress, but I am excited to share ideas, philosophical concepts, quotes and hopefully, touching upon a little of something for everyone. These past several years have been full of health surprises that not only brought me to my knees and humbled me, but gave me the opportunity to get out there again and LIVE, BREATHE and BE! But, perhaps this New Year of 2020 is not all about 'what will happen' as much as it is all about what YOU will bring to this New Year! What aspirations or deep desires are in your subconscious, ready to take action? Did you set any intentions for the New Year and if not, perhaps I can share some of my intentions to help you along the way.

1. Sit and reflect on what elements of your life are most important to you

2. Take time to look at what you would like to create

3. Make a list of your intentions, desires and dreams - we all have them!

4. Create a short mantra that will serve as your daily reminder and use it during yoga, meditation or any other quiet moment when you can completely focus

5. And, remember to Surrender Wholeheartedly and Trust in the Universe

Intentions set us free to be our BEST selves! Make this New Year your best by manifesting your dreams and trusting that there is a purpose and divine plan for everyone. Namaste,

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