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An Introduction To The 7 Chakras

An Introduction To The 7 Chakras

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About The Event

This beginner’s workshop will introduce you to the Chakras and to gain knowledge and experience with the seven sacred energy centers, their definition and healing properties, the goals of each chakra and their relationship to the elements, the colours associated with each chakra and their Sanskrit name.

Chakra-related topics include:

·  First chakra: grounding and survival

·  Second chakra: sexuality and emotions

·  Third chakra: power and will

·  Fourth chakra: love and relationship

·  Fifth chakra: communication and creativity

·  Sixth chakra: intuition and archetypes

·  Seventh chakra: consciousness and spirit

In this workshop, you will explore yoga and its connection to the Chakras which will not only enhance your knowledge, but aid you in your practice.